One simple way to prevent a blocked drain Clifton situation in the kitchen

Bring your habits and behaviour in the kitchen up to speed. Keep your drains in perfect condition by a few additions of items, a few great habits and routines for cleaning up. Without adding extra cooking time or clean up time to your day.

Good drain care and health with blocked drain Clifton specialistsWhat the blocked drain Clifton experts have learned over the years of working with kitchens, homes, people and ourselves. Is the small ways in which we can make some of our behaviour automatic. One very clear example of this, is if you, like some of the blocked drain Clifton crew. Like to go out for a drink or two at times. Perhaps there was a time when you slightly overdid the amount. Yet you still woke up in your own bed. You were on autopilot the night before, and did everything from get yourself home safely, to maneuver yourself into bed, without a single effort that you can remember.

The experts at blocked drain Clifton recommends that you use the power of our behavioural cues to get your pipes and plumbing running with free flow. At all times. For example. After boiling the kettle and making your cuppa, pour the remainder down the drain. Here you have a free pipe cleaner every time you make a cup of something hot. For some of the blocked drain Clifton crew that means up to five times in a day. That remainder of water would have just been left in the kettle to cool without doing any good. You get this habit in place by mindfully doing it every time for a number of repetitions.

What blocked drain Clifton recommends is the use of a post it note or other reminder. It’s ok if you forget sometimes. But try to do it as often as possible. And at some point you will find that you will do it automatically, and it costs you no effort of will.