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Our specialist drainage team are fully experienced, trained and insured. Signs of blocked drain Bristol problems include bad smells, the back up of wastewater, flooding, and slow plug drainage.

What our services include:

  • Both commercial and domestic properties
  • Fast emergency services
  • Internal and external drains
  • Hydrojetting and drain rodding 
  • Drain and pipe repairs and replacements
  • All types of kitchen drains, bathroom drains, and toilets
  • Experienced and insured technicians

No matter the issue, Blocked Drain Bristol is here to help. It may be helpful to check out the types of service we provide. These services highlight the methods and technologies we use to clear any blockages you may experience. 

Whenever, wherever, call Blocked Drain Bristol on 0117 336 1141 for a quick and professional drain service!

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Why has my water bill gone up?

Guaranteed Service in Bristol with Blocked Drain Bristol

Blocked drain Bristol is your local fast response drain specialists for Bristol and surrounding areas. There are no call-out charges and no VAT to pay on any of our services. It is no wonder businesses and homes in Bristol trust Blocked Drain Bristol to handle their drain issues day in and day out. We’re open 24/7, 365 days and always available to take your call. With short notice appointments and availability to suit even the busiest schedules, Blocked drain Bristol has you covered. Call anytime to speak to one of our trained customer service advisors about all of the fantastic services we provide. Our services include drain jetting and CCTV surveys to help you deal with blocked, cracked, and collapsed drains.

Blocked Drain Bristol and Tackling Blockages

We have years of experience delivering quality, professional drain unblocking services for local Bristolians and their businesses. Using our expertise and knowledge we know what solutions work best. Our engineers at Blocked Drain Bristol can get right to the heart of your issue and find out what the initial cause is. This may be a collapsed or cracked drain, which isn’t possible to spot. We use the latest industry knowledge and training to ensure that the solutions we deliver are still the most effective and up to date. For a cracked drain, we have the best CCTV equipment to investigate.

Our local engineers are a friendly and professional bunch who aim to be approachable and reassuring in their work. They know that a blocked drain can disrupt your day, which can be stressful, especially if you need to be at work or run a business. As soon as you call, we can schedule in an engineer to come to you at a time that suits you. All our engineers work efficiently and effectively to unblock drains and make sure they are functioning as they should.

Affordable Prices in Bristol

Our services come at an affordable price that our means our customers can continually get high-quality drain unblocking services. We are always transparent about how much our services cost and give our customers an upfront quote when they call so they know what to expect. Drain jetting, scrubbing and rodding are the most expensive methods used but, rest assured, every situation is assessed. The overall cost will be agreed before any work is carried out. Other costs that could occur include a CCTV survey (if the cause of the blockage is unclear), piping repair and replacement, sink replacement and general ease of access. However, there are no hidden fees or call-out costs and Blocked Drain Bristol offer a price that you can afford. As a local provider, we fully support our local community, so our prices will always remain fair.

By keeping our prices affordable means our customers remain at the centre of what we do. We prioritise your needs and we don’t believe in offering quality service while at the same time charging extortionate prices for it. Instead, we want all customers to be able to access professional drain services and save money in the long run by treating blockages to ensures long-lasting drain health. We can guarantee you a fair and competitive price, and we are a committed blocked drain service. We use the latest tools and industry knowledge and have years of experience all included in the price. We also constantly review our prices and think that just one simple price that you can rely on is a lot simpler for everyone.

Prevent Blocked Drains

There are a number of things you can do to prevent Blocked Drain Bristol from becoming an unnecessary problem. It is important to know the warning signs and know when a blocked sink can cause further problems. If you understand these warning signs, you can prevent a complete blockage or a burst pipe, which can save you valuable time and money. Simple solutions such as boiling water, baking soda or dish detergent can clear a clogged toilet or a blocked sink within minutes and, therefore, save you from having to deal with the stressful situation that an emergency home drain blockage can cause. You can even make easy devices with coat hangers to clear a blockage in the main drainage system, keeping your drain clear and prevent further blockage.

There are simple, cheap but effective steps you can take to today to ensure that the solutions we give you are even longer-lasting. It is always better to prevent a blocked drain from happening so here are the common causes. Starting with toilets, toilet paper is the worst offender for blockages. Too much toilet paper at once time doesn’t allow your pipes to clear between uses and this will cause a build-up and eventually a blockage. Be mindful about how much toilet paper your toilet can deal with. This also applies to what you put down your toilet. Nappies, wipes and sanitary products are big no-nos for your drain. A second common blockage is hair down the shower drain. A simple hair catcher over the plughole will do the trick and prevent too much hair going down the drain.

Understanding the types of water leaks that can occur in your building’s piping can help you prevent blockages that are not always obvious. A burst pipe caused by a blockage can be disastrous to your home and can be costly to repair, so spotting the signs before any damage happens can make the work that Blocked Drain Bristol do a lot easier and much less costly.

Call Blocked Drain Bristol Today

Here at Blocked Drain Bristol, we know that customers want a fast response and a solution that is effective first time. We work hard to do just that with our local customers, both residential and commercial. This includes being on hand so that we can available for our customers at all times. At Blocked Drain Bristol, we take pride in the years of experience we have working in the Bristol area and always find the right solution for every problem. When customers call, we know exactly what to do. We are always developing our skills by using the latest industry training and tools, further improving our services for our customers. We’re also a friendly bunch.

Unblocking drains can be an unpleasant experience for customers, and often not as simple as they think. The team at Blocked Drain Bristol work hard to reassure all customers no matter the situation. There may be a more complicated reason your drain isn’t functioning as it should including cracks and a drain collapse so it’s important to call us as soon as possible.

How Do I Know if My Drains are Blocked?

It is not easy to tell whether or not your drain is blocked initially but as soon as the signs become apparent the more damage can occur. They are many telltale signs to look out for and the most obvious is the water in either your sink, bath or toilet draining slowly. If all of these are happening together then you will know that the problem is in the sewer drain. You can also usually hear if there is a problem with your drain if you hear a strange sound when flushing your toilet or when draining your sinks. A high pitched sound or gurgling can indicate air in your pipes that may be due to minor blockage.

The final sign and most unpleasant is a foul odour. This can occur after large amounts of water has down your drain or when your washing machine is draining for example. The smell occurs because the cause of your drain blockage is rotting in your pipes. If you discover any of the above signs, it is best to seek advice from an expert. Blocked Drain Bristol is available to take your call and offer advice or a time to come out to you to assess the issue.

What is the Best Way to Unblock an Outside Drain?

blocked drain Bristol

If you feel confident enough, you may want to assess and unblock your outside drain yourself. The drain cover is usually easy to remove and it’s important that your use a drainage rod to push through the blockage and remember to use protective clothing, gloves and a mask to prevent any dirty water on your face or in your eyes. The final thing we recommend is a hose, the more high pressure the better. Use your gloved hands to remove any reachable blockage in the drain and then use the rode to break up the blockage that is hard to reach. It may take some time depending on the scale of the blockage but using a rod, remember to always twist clockwise! After this is done, it is necessary to get rid of any debris that has been created using your hose. The clearer you leave the drain, the less likely the blockage will happen again. However, if you have a particularly stubborn blockage or unsure about equipment and tools, it’s best to call Blocked Drain Bristol.

Blocked Drain Bristol On The Latest Industry News

Experience and knowledge are key to the professional work that Blocked Drain Bristol do. We rely on years of testing and trying new methods and approaches, and continually improving our skills to ensure that we remain confident in the work we carry out and built to last. We also keep an eye on what is changing in the industry and regularly attend courses and conferences to remain one step ahead. All our drain specialist attend relevant courses not just about trains but also customer service. Our local drain engineers are committed to being the very best at what they do, which is why you will get handy tips and tricks, advice and tools incorporated into the service.

While unblocking drains has been a long time service, the way that drainage engineers have approached it has drastically changed over the years and that is never more true than when it comes to Blocked Drain Bristol. We have been unblocking drains in Bristol for a long time now and know a lot about how to do that effectively. We also continually stay updated with the latest industry practises and approaches to ensure what we do doesn’t get left behind.

Why Has My Water Bill Gone Up?

There can be many reasons why you are seeing an increase in your water bill. Common reasons might include an unnoticed usage because you have guests staying, you’ve started watering your garden more, you are renovating and decorating or perhaps you have installed new appliances that require more water. However, if none of these reasons applies it may be that you have leaky piping, dripping taps or overflow. If this is the case, you should contact Blocked Drain Bristol for an assessment. If you have leaking pipes it may cause more damage to your drainage system in the long run. It is important to act sooner rather than later.

If you predict that your increased water bill is due to leaking pipes don’t hesitate to contact us and we can solve it as soon as possible. Our drain specialists can highlight the issue within 2 hours and fix any problem.

Blocked Drain Bristol-Reliable & Customer Focused

Blocked Drain Bristol

One way that we endeavour to make life easier for our customers here at Bristol Blocked Drains is by condensing our services down to an hour. This doesn’t mean that we aren’t working hard or doing an effective job, or fully commit to unblocking your drain. We have tried and tested many different approaches over the years, and now we have reached the point where we instinctively know what approach works best depending on the blockage cause, the type of drain you have, and whether there is any blockage in your plumbing. So our professional drain unblockers can get to the heart of the problem fast and deliver a long-lasting solution that will guarantee a clearer drain for longer and ultimately saving you time and money in future.

Blocked Drain Bristol is your local, fast response, 24-hour drains service. Call Blocked Drain Bristol when you’re in need of work related to your home or business drains. We operate in Bristol and surrounding areas. Blocked drain Bristol offer a comprehensive drains service with drains specialists on hand at all hours of the day or night so we’re sure to have availability to suit your needs. Blocked Drain Bristol don’t just unblock drains, we also repair cracked and collapsed drains and can even deal with smaller household blockages such as blocked toilets, sinks, and showers. We are on hand 24 hours a day to unblock residential and commercial drains.

Blocked Drain Bristol don’t shy away from big jobs and we won’t turn you away because a job is too small. Whether you have industrial-sized drains that need cleaning or you have a simple toilet or sink blockage, our drain specialists have it covered. This means no matter where the job is, in the kitchen or the bathroom, inside or outside, at home or in the workplace, Blocked Drain Bristol can be relied on for fast and effective service.

Clearer Drains with Blocked Drain Bristol

Unblocking drains is what we do here at Bristol Blocked Drain and we do it to a high standard. We have worked in the industry for years and know how to complete our jobs professionally and efficiently with the very best solutions for our customers. Our engineers have seen all kinds of drain-related issues and can help your drains function better including the internal plumbing in your home or place of work. So when your toilet, shower or sink is slow to drain, or you notice a smell from your plughole or drain outside, that’s a sure sign that you have a blocked drain. For a drain unblocking service that you know will work the first time, call Bristol Drain Unblocking.

Drain health and clearance is essential for your home to stay running as it should. We know just what it takes to effectively unblock a drain first time to leave customers with a long-lasting clear drain. However, a lot of drain clearing is about preventative everyday action taken by customers.

Blocked Drain Bristol Any time, Any Weather

Heatwaves and persistent rain tend to make our job a lot harder and a lot smellier. But we want to reassure you that we’re available in all weathers, rain or shine! We also never charge more for bad weather conditions, all our prices remain consistent throughout the year. Blocked Drain Bristol is dedicated to providing a quick and easy service that aims to reduce stress especially in bad weather such as heatwaves and wind and rain. If you notice a bad smell in the smouldering heat or notice that your outside drain is blocked in the middle of a rainy week, we are here for you.

Ensuring you and your family’s safety is vital to our team, which is why every engineer is specially trained to significantly minimise any health risks associated with carrying out drainage work. All work is controlled, with any affected areas being fully sanitised so you can rest assured that your safety is always taken seriously.

Stubborn Blockages and Smelly Drains

blocked drain Bristol

Here at Blocked Drain Bristol we’re dedicated to providing the best-blocked drain service that we possibly can and that means we have to be prepared to tackle any blockage whether it’s an internal or external blockage, commercial or residential. Some blockages leave a bad smell in your home which can mean something is rotting in your pipes or there is poor drainage ventilation.

However, just because the blockage isn’t causing an unpleasant odour that doesn’t mean you should just leave it and hope for the best. If you leave a blocked drain for too long it can harbour disease, it could also cause damage to your drain or even worse someone else’s drain, too. When you leave a blockage, you could be playing with the whole street’s drainage system, which obviously will become more costly and time-consuming to fix.

High-Pressure Water Jetting

High-pressure Water Jetting or HPWJ has origins dating back to the mid-1800s when it was used in the mining industry. HPWJ has since been used for a wide range of manufacturing and cleaning applications. In the 1930s, jets of water were used in industrial cutting for example. High-Pressure Water Jetting is still used across a range of industries for cutting and cleaning purposes. This is because HPWJ has the ability to produce very clean cuts through a variety of materials. It is also used by the fossil fuel industry to remove dirt from organic and inorganic materials that would be otherwise impossible to remove. In the steel industry, HPWJ is used to cut metal blocks into pieces and metal sheets into shapes.

Blocked Drain Bristol use HPWJ to help unblock drains. We can also use HPWJ on a much lower pressure jet to take off surface dirt and clean driveways and walls.

HPWJ allows for draining without the time and monetary costs of ripping up pipework and then replacing it. Another key advantage of this system is the decreased environmental impact as no chemicals are used in the process that can enter the draining and sewer system. Chemical solutions can often corrode and damage pipes and in severely high concentrations can actually kill the microbial bacteria necessary to help maintain septic systems. This makes HPWJ a fast and economical method for clearing blocked drains.

Blocked Drain Bristol Emergency Call Outs

You have a blocked drain and it is starting to cause problems, maybe it’s starting to smell and you need a fast, emergency service. Emergency plumbers tend to charge an extortionate call-out fee and even then he might not have the right tools for the job. We’ve dealt with drains for over 20 years, we’ll be on the scene fast to deal with your drain with no extra expense. We don’t charge call-out fees but that doesn’t mean we’re any slower but it does mean we’re cheaper! A member of the team is sure to clear your drain in no time. Why try and tackle a blocked drain yourself? Save your time and call us today. One of our staff will always be able to take your call whatever it’s about whatever the time.

What Does a Blocked Drain Bristol Drain Survey Include?

With our drain specialists, you will be able to book in for a drain repair survey for your home or business with ease. All you have to do is phone us and let us know what time suits you. So what is a Blocked Drain Bristol drain survey? It’s a CCTV check of your drain and pipe systems. Both large and small scale drain surveys are available. As well as the blocked drain Bristol drain survey, you will need to ensure all is in order before starting building or extension work.

With a CCTV drain survey, any defects that are discovered around or under your property can be repaired. It’s important to ensure that it is safe to start any extension work so that pipes and drains are not damaged. The time it takes for a CCTV drain survey to be completed varies and depends largely on what system is being investigated. Our professional technicians are equipped for every drain survey and we can discuss everything that is required before we start. Blocked Drain Bristol drain surveys can assist you in various ways and can uncover issues large and small quickly. For specialist advice and certified drain survey information, please contact our friendly team.

CCTV is actually the only technology that allows us to effortlessly explore drains and sewers or even find a rodent problem. CCTV surveys are also good for checking pipes for structural vulnerabilities and cracks, which could be caused by tree roots underground that we wouldn’t be able to spot without the technology.

Our team collects data from the CCTV survey and will create a report with recommendations and advice as well as technical data such as CAD drawings. We also have portable CCTV systems for harder to reach areas meaning there’s no need for our vans to be close if they can’t fit. As previously mentioned, CCTV surveys are also used for finding cracks that rats and other rodents can enter causing serious damage to your pipes.

Why is My Bath or Shower Draining Slowly?

Your blocked bath or shower plughole might not be at the top of your priority list right now but the longer you leave a blocked drain the more issues will arise and, in turn, affect your everyday life and routine. And although a blocked drain might not be a nuisance at first, you’ll soon notice the longer you leave it! It’s important to discuss the relationship between your drain and plumbing. Slow drainage or even the sink/shower filling up will eventually cause problems that can’t be fixed with at-home methods. A slow drainig shower or bath is cause for concern and if it can’t be solved with a t home remedies , it is important to call out for an expert.

The same goes for your toilet. If you continually put too much toilet paper down your loo, it will eventually block in your drain. You then might notice that the water level in your toilet is higher than usual, or that when you flush water rises. Eventually, it will be unusable and when you flush, the basin will overflow.

Here For Local Businesses

Our drain specialists are all local to Bristol and surrounding areas and, therefore, know the region well, which helps us respond quickly to local drain blockages. This especially true when it comes to supporting local, Bristol businesses. While blocked drains are a pain for homeowners and their properties, it can have bigger and more financial repercussions for businesses. We understand how important it is for trade to continue without interruption and a blocked drain is far from ideal. Our team encourage you to make us your local and dependable drain unblocking service so that when an issue does occur, we’re just a call away.

We are able to respond to most call-out requests within 1-2 hours, and in most cases, where possible, in under an hour. Bristol Drain Unblocking is available to 24 hours a day, every day of the week to ensure that all blocked drains sorted quickly. This approach is to prevent a blocked drain getting worse further damaging your property or premises. Call on the local experts to not only restore your drain to full working capacity but leave it in an even better condition. We make sure that any interruption to your day is minimal and we will find a solution quickly so you can go back to running your business.

Drain Repairs

At Blocked Drain Bristol we don’t just unblock drains but repair them, too. We offer spot repair or a whole drainage system repair. A broken or cracked drain can have all sorts of adverse effects such as:

  • Bad smell or odour
  • Attract rodents and other pests
  • Damage to your properties structure
  • Damp
Broken Drain Bris Town

This means it’s very important to spot a damaged drain as soon as possible because leaving it could mean a more costly repair, and unlike a simple blockage, these jobs can’t be attempted without specialist knowledge. Damaged drains are caused by a variety of things or a combination of a few things, and sometimes things we’d never expect such as wildlife and trees roots. Unfortunately, there’s limited technology available to help with prevention, however, we can come and repair a drain as soon as it’s needed using the best equipment and years of experience.

The Blocked Drain Bristol dedicated team also cleans taps, drains, and waste pipes throughout Bristol, as well as looking into problems with drains and pipes that could be caused by age. Old drains are weak and are often prone to crumbling which can cause the drain to collapse. The Blocked Drain Bristol engineers are equipped to deal with this issue, and can use the most up to date technology to locate the problem and get a head start on fixing it. All work is fully guaranteed, and, with such a well established team, you know you will always be satisfied with the finished job. Wessex Water will handle communal drains.

The Blocked Drain Bristol Team is Always Prepared

Blocked Drain Bristol have years of experience and come highly recommended from a wealth of clients both past and present, so you know that you can trust our team of professional emergency drain unblocking engineers for high quality work. Blocked drain Bristol deal with different types of blockages and drains. Some drain unblocking jobs can last 15 minutes, others can last hours. Blocked Drain Bristol is prepared for any type of drain blockage or repair and we’re confident that no matter how big or small your blockage is, we will have the appropriate tools and experience for the job.

We can diagnose drain issues, help you maintain your drains, and even repair broken drains. Our blocked drain team also supply the fastest dyno rod service in the whole of Bristol and the surrounding areas. So whatever the problem, our team will be prepared to fix it.

What a Blocked Drain Bristol Jetting Job Involves

It can often be solved by accessing the pipe or U-bend where the blockage occurs, safely removing this, and manually releasing the blockage. However, if you find yourself with some seriously blocked drains and pipes, then you may need a slight step up – drain jetting is for blockages that are particularly stubborn or further down in your home’s plumbing.

But what does this process involve? Well, while it sounds scary, jetting is a simple and immensely effective drain unblocking technique that works particularly well in places where you have repeated problems! Drain Jetting is also known as High-Pressure Water Jetting, and this sheds some light on what the procedure involves. Our team will bring along a tank full of water with an attached hose and jetting nozzle for your Blocked Drain Bristol. When turned on, the water shoots through the hose at high pressures, and the nozzle directs the flow in both the forward and backwards directions.

The hose is fed through your plumbing until it reaches the problem area and then turned on, releasing lots of fast-moving water which easily breaks up stubborn blockages. The water going behind the hose helps finish the clean-up job thoroughly, meaning your pipes get a 360 clean, and any refuse stuck to the drainpipe walls is removed easily and quickly.

The jetting hose is so effective because it is flexible, and so can negotiate any bends in your system, allowing it to reach deep into the bowels of your home and remove years-old grime. It works in any sort of pipe and can remove drain blockages caused by waste, fats, grease and even tree roots! That’s simply how powerful the water is.

So if you have a particularly problematic blockage or an area of repeat blockages, let our team know and Blocked Drain Bristol will be able to help you relieve that problem.